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Tech Notes (Tag: wuala)

RSS, Wuala, and Perpetual Refactoring

Wuala RSS iGoogle screen shot

This article was originaly going to describe how to quickly code an RSS view of a Wuala folder. Unfortunately "feature creep" can wreak havoc on personal projects because, unlike the real world where schedule is paramount, at home I am beholden to nothing other than the desire to get something out there. In this case, I completed the core code over three months ago. The remaining time was spent fiddling, extending and refactoring. By the time I was done I had crept from a simple PHP script, to a mashup of RSS, JSON, JSONP, jQuery, Google feeds, Apache tweaks, and more CSS than I ever want to see again. The result is a fairly stable service that will hopefully not be obsoleted by a Wuala update in the next six months.

RSS is a universal format that allows users and applications to "subscribe" to things that change. Wuala provides a powerful file-sharing ecosystem that is easily accessible through a desktop client. Joining the two would allow users and applications to receive a notification that something has changed in a specific Wuala folder. With this service in place, many new tools and applications are now possible.

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By Jonathan

From Mozy to Jungle Disk to Wuala

Nobody likes making backups. Home users don't. Developers don't. IT administrators don't. Unlike property insurance which only requires you to write a check every six months, backups require constant attention to ensure the security and integrity of your data. In an ideal world, every change made to a hard drive, iPhone or digital camera would instantly be recorded and stored in multiple physical locations. We would be able to see the history of every 0 and 1 ever persisted no matter where that change occurred. Of course, with current technology this is impossible. Until that mythical service is built into everything, we have to establish parameters and tolerances with which we are comfortable.

I don't like making backups, but I do enjoy trying out new software (beta, if possible). Over the last several years I've used a number of backup systems; the merits of each I will attempt to describe here.

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By Jonathan

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